Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Revenge (WIP/process)

Here's some progress on a piece I'm currently working on. It began as a tiny thumbnail. I then enlarged the thumbnail onto a larger canvas and started painting, working from the bigger shapes to the smaller ones. Honestly, I may never finish this piece; but If i so decide to finish it, I'll make sure the final product remains readable when reduced to a thumbnail size. I'm saying this because I feel like the values are starting to get muddy, and I'm losing that strong silhouette I once had in the initial thumbnail sketch.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Late Night Work (Process)





1. The initial sketch. This began on a recycled old painting which already had the colors I was looking for. In this stage, I was trying to capture the overall essence of the piece.
2. The line drawing. This was done over the initial sketch. You know what they say, behind every great painting, lies a great drawing.
3. The line drawing was then placed on top of the initial sketch.
4. I began to paint under the line drawing, trying to separate values, and distinguish the different items in the painting.
5. I Finally rendered on top of the line drawing to a more finished state.
final piece can be seen here